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About Our Oysters 

We work with industry leading small family run oyster farms and speciality distributors who take pride in offering the best oysters you can find anywhere. Their dedication over decades of oyster farming to maintain quality and sustainability is what makes these oysters unmatched across the industry. Each oyster sold supports a handful of nonprofit organizations keeping our oyster bays happy and healthy for years to come.

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Ever wondered what makes a good oyster? For us, it's quite simple, brine to oyster meat ratio. There is nothing better than bringing the true essence of the sea in where the oysters were raised to shine through their unique flavor notes.

The pristine cold waters of regions in PEI Canada and Washington offer some of the cleanest most crisp oysters in the world. With medium brine, plump petite sized meat, and notes of cucumber that produce a smooth velvety finish, this is quality and taste you can't beat.

Raised over about 3-4 years, the freezing cold waters produce a rich oxygen and nutrient dense aquatic environment for the oysters to thrive in. Oyster names like Black Magic, Pink Moon, and Kusshi are among the elite varieties we serve today.

An Oyster Future

Oysters have been around for over 145 million years, we plan to keep it this way. That's why we choose to partner up with and donate to a few organizations that work towards restoring and maintaining oyster habitats across several key regions. Wild Oyster Project, Oyster Recovery Project, and the Puget Sound Restoration Fund are our three main nonprofit organizations we support with each oyster sold. Keeping these oyster filled bays in tact and carrying on traditions of sustainable oyster harvesting is what building an oyster future is all about. We couldn't do it without you!

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